System interconnection boosting the production efficiency

Our continuous cooperation with TrimLeader corporation led to further efficiency boost for their logistics planning and execution system. Integrating our production planning system Sewman BOM-e with the cutting sheets management system Cutman that stores product structure definitions we have allowed for a one step production batch planning process. These systems communicate over web services, where our production planning system Sewman initiates the communication.

As a result we have minimized the number of production batch recalculations while keeping the changes to the existing environment to a staggering minimum. Another important product of this integration was the shortening of team leaders’ idle times and decrease of the previous load the planning process caused on the infrastructure.

Part of the implementation was also an adjustment of the M2M Solutions Information Panels, where we have according to the customer’s request changed the refresh frequency of the planned, real and the delta of the hourly production.

More about product Production planning

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