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Multimedia information panels

Need to share information with the whole company? Allow us to introduce multimedia information panels to you. They allow to display multimedia content on screens throughout the whole company. Display of your content is easy and highly customizable. Page behavior and content can be adjusted as needed for each panel separately.

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Centralized and online content management

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What will you gain by implementing the information panels system

  1. visualization of any kind of information at a set time
  2. company branding
  3. communication with employees, customers
  4. intuitive drag & drop capable user interface fully customisable to cater for your every need
  5. content preview on a timeline
  6. central content management and backup from single point
  7. seamless panel deployment into new premises with central content management
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Every company is different and therefore we will design
a solution that caters for YOUR unique needs


Key features of our system

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Displays any kind of information in set time to cater to your every need.

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Functionality reaches from panel deployment through content management to detailed content visualisation planning and user management.

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Intuitive user interface
Intuitive user interface for anybody, no IT experience required.

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Seamless integration
Allows for integration with other systems using a database interface or regularly updated files.

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Effortless installation
Deploying panels into new premises with the content centrally managed is incredibly simple.


What does the MIP system offer:

  • visualization of multimedia information at a set time, which means that each page to be displayed can have individually set time and date at which it should appear on the panel

  • simple use of multiple information panels that don’t require special configurations and provides presentation of any content at required time intervals

  • full customization of the functionality and the appearance

  • make changes from any computer

  • centralized management of displayed information allows you to use the system within a corporate intranet network regardless of where the presentation takes place

  • intuitive administration interface allowing to change and adjust all elements of the page showing on the information panels

  • almost instantaneous update of content or element parameter on all pages of information panels on which it is used

& many more


What can our system do For Your Company


Targeted and quick information, data presentation, central campaign management, process visualisation for operations, frequent assignment changes (for employees), work safety, report and current process status visualisation, centrally managed information distribution


Do not waste your resources, let us show you how to save.

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