Our M2L Technology at the Technological Innovation Center led by Landshut University


A few days ago, we delivered our M2L technology to the Production and Logistics Systems (PULS), which is sponsored by large companies such as BMW, Kühne + Nagel, Dräxlmaier and is headed by Landshut University.

For me, a fan of modern technology, it is a wonderful feeling that our solution Made in Slovakia will be presented in a logistics innovation center and I believe my enthusiasm is shared by every member of our team. Students, employees of leading companies and all visitors of the center experience the future and I am very pleased that M2M Solutions is a part of it.

This whole story began in March 2018 when Landshut University representatives met our M2L solution at the LogiMAT exhibition in Stuttgart. They asked us for a demo for their students at a workshop where they would work with different logistics solutions. The students had the opportunity to work with our solution for a week and then presented the results to the research group Intelligent Logistics systems. They rated it very positively, were satisfied with it and pointed out its advantages compared to other solutions. That‘s why our demo landed in the PULS Technology Centre.

The centre is located in the German city of Dingolfing and presents current logistic solutions to its visitors. It serves the purpose to teach students, acquire new and educate current employees for various major players and logistics solutions suppliers. I am proud that all visitors will ge to know our M2L solution at PULS.