Impeccable overview of Your production
with our Overall Equipment
Effectiveness system



Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Do you need to improve your production results? Have you heard about OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)? We offer you an analytical tool to track effectiveness in real-time. It is possible to increase your production by reducing downtime, increasing tact and throughput. Be in control. In order to immediately react to arisen issues you can set an email or SMS alert. Reduce the number of produced rejects by improving the quality of equipment and enhancing production technology. Monitoring of the OEE is turning into an integral part of the overall productivity controlling in the  manufacturing domain.


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average OEE improvement


hidden cost


operator efficiency


With us you can beat the global level of OEE at 85%

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What will you gain by implementing the OEE

  1. impeccable overview of your production in real-time
  2. objective data to drive your managerial decision 
  3. data gathering and evaluation from production lines, machines, forklifts and AGV vehicles
  4. boost to utilisation of machines and production lines
  5. easy-to-understand charts and analysis;
  6. decrease in amount and duration of unplanned downtimes
  7. elimination of hidden cost for example from communication between line operators and the maintenance crew
  8. removal of paper based documentation


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Every company is different and therefore we will design a solution that caters for YOUR unique needs


Key features of our system

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Downtime Monitoring
You will have specific information about the types and durations of downtimes.

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Detailed quality control record
Get a perfect overview of the number of rejects and why they were produced..

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Yield monitoring
Monitor the yield per machine, production line or operator in real-time.

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Detailed reports in predefined intervals
Production machine report, idling analysis, availability analysis, error rate analysis, production yield analysis and OEE monitored over time.

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Have your reports across any time period in matter of seconds.

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Bottleneck detection
Find machines with inadequate yield within your production line.


What does OEE enable you to monitor:

  • equipment failure

  • changes in product

  • micro downtimes

  • idling

  • operator and maintenance crew inefficiencies

  • slowdowns

  • quality

  • lack of material

& many more


Do not waste your resources, let us show you how to save.

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