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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Ever-increasing volume of stock, requirements on labor productivity of warehouse staff, warehouse processes acceleration, reduction of errors and cost, attention to accuracy and timeliness of information on stock levels; all call for high quality warehouse management system.

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Manipulate to Light (M2L)

To be considered a reliable partner means to deliver on time, the exact quantities and with appropriate quality. That is what Manipulate to Light (M2L) technology, supporting picking according to protocols, has been designed for.

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Transport Logistics System (TLS)

System provides the means to process component orders, to design an optimal delivery chain, ensure the order fulfilment and to manage the unloading process of the inbound vehicles.The whole process of preparation, loading and distribution is controlled by means of visual management tools

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Multimedia Information Panels (MIP)

Need to share information with the whole company? Allow us to introduce multimedia information panels to you. They allow to display multimedia content on screens throughout the whole company.

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Do you need to improve your production results? Have you heard about OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)? We offer you an analytical tool to track effectiveness in real-time.

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Production Planning (PP)

System for production, human resources and production facilities planning. It incorporates registry of utilized machines, employee attendance and listing of operations that are being carried out on the machines. The system provides a means to model the whole production floor together with all its’ facilities and individual work stations.

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PIEx Whirlpool

Satisfaction of Whirlpool Slovakia with quality of our services and products resulted in 2010 into an assignment to implement a system for transport planning, process visualization, goods inbound and outbound efficiency improvement, introducing planning into time windows.

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StarGate M2L DHL Exel

Because of the constant growth in automobile production in the Bratislava factory, high demand-driven flexibility of the product, complications with staffing and ever tougher requirements, DHL was facing new challenges. A need to simplify the picking process according to plan for a single vehicle arose.

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In cooperation with the leader in consulting in logistics the company GEFCO, we have designed and implemented incredibly user friendly and simple to install solution adapted to exactly suit processes in PSA Peugeot Citroen Slovakia. Our warehouse management system is yet another successful product for the automobile industry.

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We are a team that found its calling in the work it is doing. Our zeal for continuous improvement and our work ethics stand mainly from our shared values that we fulfill together since 2010.


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Do not waste your resources, let us show you how to save.

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