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Transport Logistics System

The Transport Logistics System provides the means to process component orders, to design an optimal delivery chain, ensure the order fulfillment and to manage the unloading process of the inbound vehicles. On the side of distribution of produced goods the system supports effective storage planning, preparation for loading into particular loading zones according to a transportation plan and a final control of the goods before these get sent off. The whole process of preparation, loading and distribution is controlled by means of visual management tools.

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Investment return in under 6 months

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What will you gain by implementing the Transport Logistics System

  1. transport costs reduction (about 20% per year)
  2. boost to your operational efficiency caused by improved information exchange between workers
  3. reduction in unplanned production stops due to logistics issues
  4. reduction of mandatory stock levels (annual decrease of 6%)
  5. easy monitoring of order fulfillment and failure to meet delivery times (customer orientation)
  6. stabilization and standardization of processes
  7. elimination of hidden cost (communication, planning)
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Every company is different and therefore we will design
a solution that caters for YOUR unique needs


Key features of our system

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Easy integration
Seamless and quick integration with existing information systems. Use of enterprise ERP system information. Integration with GPS systems in cars.

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Order management
Transport request management. Optimal transport chain drafting and planning. Mandatory stock level control.

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Transport planning and scheduling
A dispatcher or the actual carriers plan their arrivals into time windows to keep an even utilisation of the warehouse operators. These are displayed in a planning calendar.

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Management of carriers
System provides a means to keep detailed records about carriers including the statistics of their reliability. Based on those, more reliable carriers get prioritized.

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Loading/unloading control
System provides a plan and visualizes the loading/unloading of vehicles, registration plate recognition. Planned vs. actual transport progress is displayed on oversize displays.

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Quality and Quantity Control
Connected directly to the scale, the system monitors the quality of the inbound material comparing it to the delivery docket. Furthermore, recording quality of each inbound transport gives you a better idea of your suppliers. 


Additional features:

  • visual management

  • summary view for the dispatcher

  • current overview using an IP camera with AR

  • information panels and traffic lights

  • scale connectivity

  • wifi barcode readers

  • comparison actual to contract

  • auctions

  • vehicle monitoring (trucks, boats, trains, ..)

  • GPS integration

  • vehicle registration and navigation

  • registration plate recognition

  • real-time navigation

  • information sharing

  • purchasing planning

& many more


What could our Transport Logistics System do For Your Company

  • process component orders

  • transport route visualisation on maps to support their optimization for efficient truck utilisation

  • transport planning into predefined time windows

  • daily schedule of material receipt and goods dispatch

  • ensure order fulfilment and manage the unloading of incoming vehicles on inbound

  • on the outbound the system supports the preparation of goods into the loading zones according to transport plan and control of goods ready for shipment

  • secure access into the system for external companies (carriers, suppliers)

  • carriers’ timeliness analysis

  • planned vs. actual transport times comparison

  • visualization of processes on inbound and outbound utilizing Augmented Reality

  • the use of mobile devices (scanners, terminals) for quality control of the supplied material or goods to be dispatched, and preparation of delivery dockets

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