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Manipulate to light

To be considered a reliable partner means to deliver on time, in exact quantities and with appropriate quality. That is what Manipulate to Light (M2L) technology, supporting picking according to protocols, has been designed for.

Limited labour market is not a problem anymore. Simple rapid training of new operators enables you to grow your workforce, while keeping the quality of work on the required level. Operator performance control and real-time stock level monitoring can save you considerable cost related to customer claims and minimize surprises in stocktaking results.

A huge advantage of the M2L system is its seamless adaptability to racks of virtually any type and size and its easy installation. M2L can be shipped including a warehouse management system or interface with your existing solution.

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What will you gain by implementing the M2L system

  1. become „LEAN“, because the system signalizes (ANDON), measures and evaluates loses caused by low quality, inefficiency and errors
  2. significantly reduce the time required to train new operators, as well as the requirements for their qualification
  3. greatly improve the productivity of your warehouse operators
  4. decidedly lower the risk of error by controlling the work process (POKA-YOKE)
  5. reduce your stock levels 
  6. improve your customer satisfaction 
  7. increase your flexibility to deliver at the right moment
  8. monitor your employee efficiency and work quality – no more excuses…
  9. automated purchase order generation based on current stock levels
  10. online order taking from your customers
  11. online stocktaking
  12. storage period and current stock level monitoring
  13. map of the most frequent picking routes, which helps to adjust the shop floor ergonomics to lower the physical strain of operators


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Every company is different and therefore we will design
a solution that caters for YOUR unique needs


Key features of our system

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Visual Navigation
Maximize productivity of both picking and replenishing, indicate the quantity to be picked, fast track the training process, process multiple orders at once, notice critical levels of material in the warehouse.

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Manipulation Monitoring
Monitor the manipulation process in real-time, record and evaluate operator productivity, be aware of wrong manipulation (ANDON), sensor range is 10m, stock level gets evaluated in real-time, POKA-YOKE

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Seamless Installation
Seamless installation and uninstallation, re-usability, system can be deployed into the entire warehouse thanks to the sensor range, interface with existing WMS.

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Warehouse under control
Reduce your stock levels and the value tied in them, proper and timely fulfill your customers' orders, increase warehouse process efficiency and have a real time stock overview.

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Automated stock placement optimisation, improved efficiency of operator movement, lower operator load working with heavy materials, accelerated picking.

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Productivity and quality monitoring
Error rate statistics, operator picking productivity statistic, picking statistics. 


Additional features:

  • minimization of human factor based errors while picking

  • lower staff qualification requirements

  • reduction of production down times

  • ability to process orders in parallel

  • support for operative planning (sudden production changes)

  • just in sequence

  • efficient and fast pick and replenish

  • real-time process monitoring

  • control over component manipulation

  • stock management in supermarket

  • lean, poka-yoke, andon

& many more


Do not waste your resources, let us show you how to save.

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