Thanks to real-time monitoring
the machine repair time has considerably decreased


OEE tm Whirlpool Slovakia

Location: Poprad since 1992
Function: production of washing machines (front and top loaded)
Capacity: 2,4 million pieces annually (11 000 pieces daily) in 2016
Employment: 1400

Member of Whirlpool Corporation, the world's largest home appliance maker.

M2M products implemented:  TLS, OEEMIP



Production grew to a level that demanded an implementation of a new efficient system which would measure real yield of production machines and plant performance. System of paper-based reports did not provide accurate and reliable data. A production line seldom operated at optimum speed. A suboptimal equipment utilization was being caused by many different causes and usually by combination thereof:

  • Line saturation / downtimes
  • Equipment failure
  • Product changes
  • Short stops
  • Operator inefficiency
  • Speed losses
  • Quality
  • Missing material


  • Automatic collection of performance information from workstations and production lines every second of production time.
  • Machine downtime and efficiency monitoring.
  • Easy and quick reporting.
  • Complex real time overview of all performance indicators (availability, performance, quality).
  • KPI monitoring and evaluation.

Our tailored solution:

The pilot project was implemented in 2014. In the following year we have deployed the system to next 13 machines and 2
production lines.

OEE tm system communicates with machines and production lines through data interchange from PLC via OPC server, OPC client, MOXA converters, PowerMeter.Immediately after the system gathered enough data, the managers could begin to analyze the most frequent reasons for downtimes and deploy first changes.

A manager is empowered to respond instantly to change in efficiency.

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Overall OEE has been continuously increasing since 2014


  • Significant reduction of time to fix of machines (consequence of online monitoring).
  • Reduction of the most frequent unplanned production stops
  • The system has reduced direct and indirect cost associated with poorly functioning equipment, inferior quality and excess waste.
  • Bottleneck in production have been discovered.
  • Stored OEE data for future analysis.
  • Seamless comparison of OEE by task, workstation, shift or day.
  • Real-time tracking of product and process quality to facilitate continuous improvement.


After successful implementation of OEE tm system we are preparing new functionality updates:

  • Structured downtime inputs.
  • Integration with central ERP SAP HANA.
  • Automated machinery Supply System.
  • New, more efficient data collection system.
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