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Warehouse management system



Warehouse management system

Warehouse management system provides the means to minimize your stock levels and a real-time overview of the current state of your warehouse. It determines the optimal storage positions for goods based on real traffic and orders.

The system continually reminds warehouse staff what needs to be replenished. Suggests optimal path to a warehouse position. Controls loading of the right material in the right amount. Highlights critical quantities of held inventory.

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Our warehouse management system offers more than just goods registry

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What will you gain by implementing our warehouse management system

  1. increased work efficiency (average 30%)(operator navigation, process multiple orders in parallel, automation, operator statistics)
  2. reduction in stock levels (average 20%)
  3. minimize unplanned downtimes due to insufficient supply of the production line
  4. near zero error rate (barcode reader validation, navigation by light signals, weight double check)
  5. FIFO based picking and total goods tracking
  6. process stabilisation and standardisation
  7. elimination of hidden cost (communication, planning, search for goods, ..)
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Every company is different and therefore we will design
a solution that caters for YOUR unique needs


Key features of our system

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Real-time overview
You will have a complete overview of the stock in your warehouse, its location, traffic in the warehouse and about the current price of your stock.

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Operative with a barcode reader
Validation without mistakes and immediate overview using a barcode or a QR code wireless reader (Wi-Fi, 3G).

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Receiving and put-away
The system compares the actual received materials / components to the delivery docket and navigates the warehouse operators while replenishing the stock in an optimized manner.

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Picking and dispatch
Goods picking according to an order from your production line or a customer, label print and delivery dockets.

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Tailored customisation
We will design and implement the warehouse management system to suit your specific process and other needs exactly.

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Easy Integration
Seamless and quick integration with existing information systems. Data synchronisation with your ERP system. 


Additional features:

  • visual management

  • navigation by light

  • WiFi/3G barcode scanners

  • received goods validated against the delivery docket (quality control, return rejects or not ordered components)

  • linkage to quality control

  • EDI interface

  • connectivity to production systems

  • replenishment

  • weight double check for picking

  • supported FIFO and FEFO methods

  • standardized labels

  • custom labels print

  • order management

  • minimal and critical stock level warnings

  • management of suppliers, carriers and customers

  • registration of standardized packaging

  • returnable packaging

  • scrap management

  • standard and perpetual inventory

  • complete component tracking

  • information sharing

  • daily e-mail report

& many more


What can our system do for Your company

  • utilisation of mobile devices (scanners) for supplies and warehouse movement control giving you an online overview

  • suggestions of optimal goods placement while replenishing, based on preferences like turnaround or predefined positions

  • efficient warehouse operation with real-time overview

  • management of orders from production line, material allocation and control over sufficient volumes

  • picking route optimisation for effective operator utilisation

  • detailed overview of warehouse movements, reports tailored to your preferences

Do not waste your resources, let us show you how to save.

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