We Use Our Own Products: IoT Server

We’ve recently witnessed outburst of IoT technology and how it penetrates our everyday life. Smart bulb here, heating control through smartphone app there… We still don’t know the toll it takes on our privacy and security, yet our homes are already being monitored 24/7 by microphones and cameras. Industry is also booming, and the Industry 4.0 trend sees implementation of new smart systems that help digitalize processes, increase data transparency, integrate systems and build up their autonomy.

M2M Solutions has always been  introducing innovative solutions for the industry and have cooperated with companies such as Whirlpool, DHL, PSA and our most recent collaborator – Jaguar and BMW. The result is a wide product portfolio and many positive references coming both from Slovakia and abroad. During updates of M2L technology, we’ve decided to include our IoT platform that addresses specific issues in industrial deployment of complex systems. The new version of M2L is already a highly modular and distributed multi-component solution that need to be controlled in a coordinated manner. Apart from that, our IoT Server already creates digital twin of warehouse topology, smartly manages hardware configuration and offers a highly robust solution for orchestration of complex communication patterns of various protocols.

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We’ve successfully deployed our latest solution at Datalogic, and then we chose to eat our own dog food and decided to utilize the service of our IoT server and deploy it a little bit differently. Our students helped us to develop humidity, temperature and light sensors based on RaspberryPi platform that were integrated into the IoT platform of our company. At this point we’ve been gathering data from the building serving as our headquarters. The data are continuously gathered and analyzed by BigData Analytics sub-system that constitutes a part of our IoT platform.


Apart from the IoT platform’s successful internal proof of concept that validated direction chosen for our technological strategy, we’ve also identified a potential issue at our server room where one of our sensors was placed and we’ve adjusted the A/C unit accordingly.

Technological development and the speed of corresponding changes put pressure on the industry and often change its very foundation. Know-how that held firm for decades crumbles and comes crashing down as new players enter traditional fields. Adaptation of new technologies becomes imperative for every company in the industry. Innovation and new technologies are rooted deeply in the DNA of M2M Solutions giving us strength to help our customers and partners on their quest to digitalization by implementation of modern solutions.

Adapting IoT is one of digital strategy components even though it is currently driven almost exclusively by consumer market. Our product strategy has always been based on specific problems of our customers with IoT Server being no exception. Moreover, functionality of our IoT solution is closely linked with project principles of Industry 4.0 and so it is better suitable for industrial use. In any case, we’ve validated that our IoT platform is suitable and viable option also for simpler deployments such as collection and analysis of environmental data and that it can do so with flying colors.