We took part in a competition for the Act of the year 2014

We entered the competition with a solution of ours that is aimed to increase the communication at a workplace. The system does that by visualizing the process and its’ actual state at every moment in time. This way every worker is aware of what to do, which minimizes the need for chatter. To create this system we have used many modern technologies and methodologies. The visualization is done using LCD displays and augmented reality.

A proven effectivity boost after the deployment of the system has led to cost savings of 2.000.000 Euro annually (cost of transit of components for each produced product) for the affected departments. The system did increase the efficiency of the inbound and outbound logistics which led to elimination of peaks on inbound unloading and remarkably decreased the waiting times of suppliers.

Higher effectiveness of delivery scheduling and utilisation planning has led to cost decrease thanks to lesser number of delivery trucks. The system also contributes to `environment protection as the a shorter overall idle time of the inbound delivery vehicles means smaller production of CO2 and other pollutants.

Considering the increase of labor effectiveness has usage of such system a direct influence on productivity as well as value delivery in Slovakia.

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